Our Company

In 1954 my father, brother, and I began a new hobby, B&B Printing.

When we started in our basement we never imagined what the future held.

Within a year we had outgrown our basement and had to upgrade to the two-car garage!

     In 1957 I heard the call of my country and enlisted in the Navy. I served for several years.

Upon my return home, much of our "hobby", B&B Printing had diminished.

I was not ready to give up my passion for the industry so I continued but as an

employee for other local printers.

     In 1976 I was ready to jump back into working for myself.

Remembering the joy that my family and I had working in that two-car garage,

I started JBP Printing. My late wife Nancy came up with the name using our children's initials.

I loved this, it brought me back to my roots of a family business, a priority I still hold today.

     When I'm out of the office I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as being an active community member.

I enjoy dedicating my time through volunteerism and supporting local events.

     JBP Printing is a "one stop shop" for all of your custom print marketing needs.

From business cards to uniforms and everything in-between, we are here to support you and contribute to your success. We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with you.

Please reach out for a free consultation!